You can be sure you’ll receive fast, reliable, cost-effective and secure digital transcription service with Nicole Spencer, Executive Director, heading up the team.

Nicole established Mediascript Express in 1997, and she continues to personally work with each client to ensure your digital transcription needs are met – or exceeded. Nicole will always be your point of contact.

Nicole’s Background

  • 11 years as Executive Assistant to Senior Partner of an established Sydney law firm
  • 30+ years total professional experience

Nicole’s Strengths

  • outstanding organizational skills
  • 100+ words per minute accurate typing speed
  • exceptional ability to work under pressure and meet deadlines

The Team’s Background

  • native English language speakers
  • experienced Personal Assistants to Senior level Executives
  • carefully selected for their skill, discretion and commitment to excellence

The Team’s Strengths

  • excellent spelling, grammar and general knowledge
  • 90+ words per minute accurate typing speed
  • committed to customer satisfaction

Nicole and her team have earned an international reputation as best-in-the-business thanks to their in-depth understanding of their customers’ needs and their unwavering commitment to service excellence.

Don’t settle for less than the best. Contact Nicole now to get started!


1. Time and Money

You don’t have the time or resources to transcribe your material yourself, and you can’t afford to wait for your files to be transcribed during regular business hours.

Time & Money

Nicole and her team are a fast and cost-effective option. Since 1997, Mediascript Express has had a reputation for delivering transcribed files on time - or sooner. And, you don’t have to pay holiday, sick leave, overtime or superannuation payments!

2. Reliability

You need to know, without a doubt, that your files will be transcribed accurately.


Mediascript Express transcribers are all native English speakers with strong language skills. We understand colloquialisms and innuendos, and grammar and spelling are our strengths.

We go above and beyond standard transcription services by researching names, places, titles, etc. to ensure all spelling is correct.

3. Security

You need a team, and a system, you can trust to keep your materials safe and secure.

Our website adheres to top security standards, and all data is encrypted. You can upload your files with complete confidence.


All Mediascript Express employees sign legally binding confidentiality agreements, and we are more than happy to sign separate privacy agreements with your organization. Confidentiality is guaranteed!

Save time and money. Gain peace of mind. Contact Mediascript Express for transcription services you can trust.

GuaranteeOur guarantee - It's all about you!

We guarantee professional, accurate transcription and fast turn-around times, because your satisfaction is our business. We build strong relationships with each of our clients, delivering consistently high standards of service that integrate seamlessly with your day-to-day operations. That’s why our clients return to use our transcription services time after time.

When you need exceptional transcription service you can rely on 100%, contact Mediascript Express. We understand your needs.