Timecoded Transcription

Timecoded transcripts of interviews and unedited rushes are perfect for locating the sound bites you are looking for and speeds up your editing processes.

We work from video files containing burnt-in timecode and time-stamped MP3 files created by sound technician equipment such as the Sound Devices mixers. These timecodes generally link back to your original camera tapes.

If you don’t have camera tape timecodes to work from, we can timecode transcripts starting from zero.

We enter a timecode at the start of each question and answer and if an answer runs for more than 40 seconds, then we timecode every 30 seconds.

An example of a timecoded transcript:




PRODUCTION MANAGER: After shooting loads of interviews we send it straight off to Mediascript Express for them to transcribe. We don’t have time to transcribe all the material ourselves and besides there are few people in our office who are able to type in excess of 100 words per minute.


INTERVIEWER:  Let’s say you have a pile of MP3 files and videos and you want to get the material transcribed, what do you do?


PRODUCTION MANAGER:  Our sound recordists log-on to Mediascript Express’s website and upload the MP3 files straight after the shoot.  If we are working with video footage, we can export MP4 files or Quick Time files directly from our editing suite and upload them direct to Mediascript’s website as well.


INTERVIEWER:  Sounds fabulous, tell me more!

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