Transcript Styles

Interview Questions can be included in full, summarised or excluded, it’s your choice.

Complete Verbatim transcripts capture the words as they are spoken including all repeats, incomplete sentences, false starts, stutters and even the ums, ahs and ahems. We also make note of every cough, laugh, third party interruption and external noises such as loud traffic, planes flying overhead etc. Our transcribers do employ punctuation to help clarify the meaning, but otherwise everything is transcribed exactly as it is heard. Complete Verbatim transcripts are a valuable asset to all producers, journalists and the like to help with their editing and scripting processes.

Intelligent Verbatim transcripts ensure a full, accurate transcript but omit all the ums, ahs, repetitions and verbal idiosyncrasies such as excessive use of ‘you know’ and ‘like’ unless they are relevant to the content. These meaningless fillers add nothing to the context of the transcript. Intelligent Verbatim transcripts are much easier to read and are generally used for press and book related interviews, research interviews, focus groups and lectures.


We can use our own templates that we have created for the various forms of transcripts or we are happy to tailor-make templates for you at no extra cost.

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